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12/29/2009 8:00:29 AM
This started about 2-3 months ago, every once in awhile I'd get an e-mail from someone for which I'd respond to only to find out that the response would come back as this first incident. Hey Lloyd I talked to you 2 weeks ago on this and placed the order, that was an e-mail that I sent prior to calling you. Hum?!?
Ok maybe I'm just lacking behind on e-mails which from time to time I can be guilty of.
Then it happened again, and again. Still not a lot of thought going into it. Then last week I'm sitting at my desk returning calls when I get an e-mail from Scott and the heading says "Please Help, need more power"
Oh that's me, so I open it up and read on, its from someone whom owns a Hammer and his buddy's RK is spanking him and he can't take it anymore so he wants to do some work to his bike. So I spring into action like Spiderman to the rescue and make the call as he did leave a number at the bottom of the e-mail.

The wife answers and i ask for Scott,
Scott gets on the phone and I say hey Scott this is Lloyd form Lloyd'z Motor Workz and I'm gonna be your savior today.
He says very firmly, EXCUSE ME!
I said this is Lloyd, you sent me an e-mail about your Hammer getting beat by your buddies RK and I'm here to help you.
AAHH, I don't even own a Hammer anymore!
I said Is this Scott Bla Bla?
Yes it is.
Scott I just received an e-mail form you 15 minutes ago dated 12-14-09 (That day) asking for help with your Hammer.
Lloyd I didn't send you an e-mail and matter of fact the computer isn't even on today.
Scott is your e-mail address this? Bla bla
Yes it is, Lloyd I sent you an e-mail over a year ago about my bike and you never returned a response so I ended up selling it and moving on.
????!!!???? HUm I'm thinking what the heck!!???? So I'm thinking this is some really weird stuff. So you don't have a Victory anymore so I guess you don't need my help.
Nope, He says that's gotta be the longest hanging e-mail I've ever heard of, I wish you would have gotten back to me.
Well Scott, I wish I got your e-mail when you sent it, Sorry. Have a good day.

My wife's standing by me and she says what was that all about? Damned if I know, I'm I reading this e-mail right? Did it just come in 20 minute ago? She looks and says yes it did. Well honey I don't know what it's about, I just got this e-mail called the guy up because I figured it would cut down on allot of back and forth e-mails and this is what he said and I explained the story.

Yesterday I come in and see and E-mail I got from 12-24-09 at 7 pm.
It was from a customer whom purchased a 104 kit for which I sent out last Monday on, 12-21-09.
It was asking about head work and other stuff that could be done and possible larger cubes?
I thought that I went over that with him prior but what the hay I explained it all again and sent the e-mail.
So today I walk in to find his response,
Lloyd, that was from an e-mail I sent you 3 weeks ago before I bought the kit. You must have missed it. Thanks anyway.

Well Sum of a Beotch! what the heck is going on here? Now I'm wondering ok if this has happened with these how many more will happen. The E-mails always come through with the date and time you receive them not the date and time they were sent.
I am guilty of missing an e-mail or 2 or not responding to some but hose are usually about oil and handlebar questions, when it comes to what I actually do I normally like to respond, It's that whole thing about making money and paying bills that keeps me on top of things, Usually.

So HOW DOES IT WORK? I called my provider, the kid tells me there nothing they can see wrong and maybe it's just a one time incident. I DON'T THINK YOU HEARD ME! I JUST EXPLAINED 3 AND I KNOW OF 2 MORE OVER THE LAST FEW MONTHS, IT'S NOT A ONE TIME INCIDENT! OK going no where there I should have know better but thought maybe there was some magical ball they could look into, my bad.

So now I'm thinking of all the e-mails I've sent out and never heard responses to. All the e-mails that maybe I haven't got and could in the future after the guy's all tweaked out cause I didn't respond to them. And what about that long lost Daughter I could have had years ago from whats her name that never told me she was pregnant and moved away. It really gets you thinking on how stupid and tied up we all get with technology and were SO use to it that when something goes stays we don't even think about the possibility's

I just sent an e-mail - Oh they'll get it in a few seconds and I'll just wait for my response.
No response - that bastard, I can't believe I never heard back from them I'm just going to stew over it and get pissed but do nothing.

Here's what should be done, CAll THEIR NUMBER! If I'm waiting for a response and don't get one I call. At least when you call there's a confirmation of some sort that comes with it, the line is busy! You get an answering machine!
Someone picks up and says Hello! or the operator comes on and says, I'm sorry this line is temporarily out of order.
And when that all fails, write a letter and send it. Yhea who the hell does that anymore???? Not that the government run post office is any better at delivery then my e-mails lately but I can say I still have a few customers that write me letters and I have saved all of them!

That's my rant for today.


11/12/2009 3:30:17 PM

What most of you do know is that Lloyd'z Motor Workz is a leader in Victory Performance work!

What most of you DON'T know is that we are some of the most approachable people going. Sure our name, or I should say MY name is every where, I'm the one writing this. Not some P.R. or marketing person. We are some of the most talked about when it comes to the world of Victory and I guess with that people think that we are also a huge corporation with many weenies working that don't really know what's going on in the real world or with your real world issues or needs. B.S! I'm in the front lines, I'm working to supply my customers with damn good product and back it up with the best support going, PERIOD! And I'm here if you need us. If there is ever a question or technical support concern that your supporting dealer can't answer feel free to reach out and get a hold of us, e-mail is usually the best way.

Yes we are a World Wide distributor of our products and yes we have a very good dealer base however we are also a full serving shop that can do a wide spectrum of work from oil changes to custom builds, race bike, paint and chrome and of course your high performance needs. We offer same day turn around on some builds and sit and wait service for intakes, cams, fuel controllers and tuning by appointment.

What some people don't know is that we build more then just race motors. We build you what you need and most of our business is for you street guys and girls. If you have a street bike that needs more power we will build you a Street Motor. One that makes smooth linear power from idle right to redline and runs on pump gas. If you want a race motor ? Not an issue, just be ready to set some shelving aside for those trophy's.

What most do know is I've been working on Victory's since 1999, I've worked on ALLOT of Victory's since 1999. We've forged frontiers with Victory that have never been taken before and yes I have a few arrows in my back to prove it. If you have an issue or upgrade that you feel needs my attention feel free to pick up the phone or drop an e-mail, it doesn't matter how far away you live I've been taking in bikes across the country for 10 years now and I know how it needs to be handled.


Blog Bla Bla

3/13/2009 7:31:21 AM
Jeff gave me the ability to post Blogs so what the hay I'm going to do some self-promotion.

We've added a whole bunch of exhausts to the web site and have more items to follow. You can check us out at
www.lloydz.com or www.victoryexhaust.com
My plan is to have a star rating program for the exhaust systems listed, it will be 2 fold, one star rating as stage 1 and the other on how that same exhaust works in a higher Hp situation. Certain systems work very well in Stage 1 form but fail miserably in higher hp builds. This way you can choose the right system the first time.

Lloyd'z is currently supporting and supplying Victory of Australia / New Zealand with our full line of performance products. Any Vic owner down under please refer to your local dealer for pricing and information. You are also welcome to e-mail us [email protected] if questions arise.

Out of 100 anniversary Visions built I've tuned 11 so far, their was a lot of those red puppies cruising Daytona. It also seemed as though Daytona was hoping with Victory's, everyone I knew said they saw more at this rally then ever before. I dyno'd 51 bikes down there and only one was a Harley. Maybe this is a sign of things to come, emperors that have ruled for 105 yrs sometimes find their kingdoms overthrown by complacency and ignorance. Never rule out the small and powerful. Victory!

Hope you feel better Jeff

Signing out Lloyd

Daytona Bike Week Drags

2/17/2009 7:49:18 AM
Most of you know that on the Wed of bike week we have a Victory gathering at the Bethlo Dragway about an hour from Daytona. Over the last few years it's been growing in popularity with more and more Victory's attending. Hopefully some of you that haven't joined us before will deciede to do so. I'm know there will be some Vision riders taking their turn at the lights so come join them.

Some tips for Drag racing.
Don't be scared, It's a fun time and who gives a rats ass if you don't cut a good light, you'll be laughing about it when you return to the pits to review your time slip with everyone else.
YOU DON'T NEED A FAST BIKE to compete or have fun.
Another reason to Compete, ALL THE COOL PEOPLE HANG OUT ON PIT ROAD! Be ONE!

When sitting in the stageing lane, Don't keep your bike running. It gets to hot and by the time you get to the burn out pit and finally stage your temps are high enough to start pulling power and slowing your E.T.
I always bring my bike up to temp when I get there then leave it shut off until I get to the burn out pit, After a tire frier she'll be ready to go for a strong pass.

If you plan on running your bike don't forget to bring a good helmet Snell 2000 rated or higher, a leather jacket and leather gloves. For anyone running over 120 MPH you'll need leather pants also.

You've got 2 weeks to get ready and sign up so don't wimp out!
I also know that Mike Dapper will be there snapping shots, so it might just be a way to get into the


Vision Power Adder

10/30/2008 7:45:32 AM

This is a S1L1 bike with our Intake Plate and VFC lll, OH our cams also compared to the same bike with stock cams

You wont get this kind of power with ANY other cam on the market.

The flat torque is ussually brought on with the slip-on Exhaust, better exhaust should

pull the mid range higher and we'll have results in the next few days from a Full system.

These cams can be installed in 2 hours and don't require any other modifcations.

Also there was NO FINAL tune done becasuse my A/F pump was actting up and the bottom was lean explaining the lower power
There is MORE to come and we'll keep you posted.

Spring / Summer 08

9/23/2008 8:10:08 AM
Time flies by fast, it seemed just like yesterday when I was in Daytona for the start of the season. I guess as you get older and your minds ability to log data decreases it's resolution & you get the perception that time is moving much faster then it actually is. Also working 6-7 days a weeks and sometimes pulling 40+ straight days of work doesn't help either. This blog was the start of a quick over view of what I've seen over the past Six month of 08 but like I said the brains ability to store high resolution graphics for me anyway has diminished so I'll try the best I can with what I can remember.

08 started out slow back at the shop, the first few weeks were almost depressing as everyone regained from the holidays. Then the third week brought in the first wave of bikes, 3 months later then normal. We usually receive the inflow of out of state bikes starting in October and continuing into February to get everyone wrapped up and out by spring. This was not the case this past year. We receive bikes in from out of state customer for major motor upgrades and customization and have been doing so for 10 years, this is the bulk of our winter workload.
Once they started coming in they kept doing so all the way into May and some even in June. Wow it was a late start for some reason, was it the economy, longer then average extended riding for most of us or just a blip in the normal schedule?

In the spring I suffered a stupid moment by not installing the plate on my secondary drum of the dyno to find that this is not a ride you would want to pay for, it left me canceling trips, 4 major ones to be exact and still hurting from the throw, As I fight with the insurance company's I only hope I can get the surgery taken care of this winter so I can be fresh for spring. That took the learning curve away on about 100-120 bikes. That means that I missed tuning approx. that many bikes and of course every bike is a learning experience even if I've done 40 of that same combination. What's also a learning experience are the people. I meet allot of great people, Yhea some I wish I never meet but for the most part the people I meet are good peeps and have allot of interesting story's weather about there life or career or sometimes we even talk about there bike's. I've also seen from some of the meets that I can pretty much call someone an A-Hole to there face and they just laugh about it, unlike typing there an a-hole and getting everyone pumped up to fight. I now find that a funny thing to do and even test the waters with some of you on a personal basis. My briefing on that, smoke more weed and chill the hell out when on the keyboard.

Moving on I find that Vision is a very exciting, fun and exuberating bike that has the tuning consistency of mashed potatoes. All over is the fueling requirement of this bike. I don't think that 2 of them took the same adjustments. Why is this? Many reasons I'll have a separate blog on this alone. We are back on the Vision project with some new items we're working on to help satisfy some of you addicts.

Another item of attention is the amount of leaky intake manifolds I've seen on the Freedom motors, I would have never guessed that there would be so many that are leaking. A quick shot with brake or carb cleaner will show this. What this does is cause a backfire or lean miss at cruise. If your experiencing these issues and you've checked everything else look at the manifold for a leak. The 4 outter 5mm socket bolts that secure the ears will pull up and leave a gap down the center of the manifold, causing a leak. In appearance it looks as though the manifold which is twice as thick at the base then a Pre-Freedom manifold won't warp, but that's not the case. Sanding on a belt sander or flat surface can bring back a manifold to a useable condition.

As seen on the front page of my web site, Allot of you don't know we rank superior to servicing our out of state customers. We have been set of with Keyboard Carriage for some time now to service our trucking needs. These people are top notch in shipping bikes and offer drop deck pick up and delivery. If you're planning a big winter build and your dealer isn't up to par with performance, save time effort and money by shipping it to us. We also offer other upgrades then just motor and have an excellent painter www.nubgrafix.com if you need a fresh coat or touch up.

I'm heading out tomorrow for some R&Ding; in Texas and then to Montana in 2 weeks for some more R&D.; We'll have some real neat stuff popping out in the next few months
for all your Victory models.

For inquires about sending your bike to us call or e-mail
845-744-4889 or [email protected]


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